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FYR - First Year @ Richmond

Welcome Spider Men,

I am excited that you have chosen the University of Richmond as the starting point of your next adventure! Richmond College is the residential college for men at the University. My staff and I take an active role in your academic and co-curricular (or "out of classroom") success. In fact, our mission is to "educate men and challenge students to pursue a life of purpose." As your dean, my work is to encourage you to discover your best self, and to help connect your passion with a purpose.

Richmond College is an inclusive community made up of approximately 1,400 students. Each of you brings a different perspective and a different back story when you arrive, but you will be adding to the College's legacy during your time here. The dean's office staff, our Resident Assistants, and our College Associates & Fellows are all here to help you as your continue your journey.

I encourage you to explore the Richmond College Website, but make sure you check out FYR (First Year @ Richmond), New Student Orientation, and our First Year Living-Learning programs. I also hope that you consider getting involved in the Richmond College Student Government Association (RCSGA), and learn about our Honor System.

I look forward to getting to know you and working with you in the years ahead!

Go Spiders!

Dr. Joe Boehman
Dean of Richmond College

About FYR

Your first year at the University of Richmond is an exciting new stage in your life. Richmond College works closely with all first-year men to help them get the most out of their academic and social experience at the University. Based in research on college men’s development, FYR focuses on several areas that help support first-year men in their transition to college life. These areas include:

  • Developing competence in academics
  • Exploring potential academic majors
  • Establishing bonds with other first-year college students
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and coping with stress
  • Building awareness of and appreciation for differences
  • Developing practice in civic engagement
  • Examining beliefs, values, and faith
  • Discovering authenticity as a person and as a man

At the University of Richmond, all first-year men live together. As a result, we can easily focus on what new students need in their first year of college. We train our resident assistants to help new students find a niche in the Richmond community, adjust to living away from home, and safely navigate the campus social scene. Our resident assistants facilitate one-on-one conversations and provide programming that connects to the FYR program areas of focus. Through these interactions and programming, we help our first-year men create the foundation for a successful college experience.

New Student Welcome


For more information about FYR, contact:

Kevin Corn
Area Coordinator for First-Year Residence Halls ( Dennis, Marsh, Wood Halls)