Richmond College Awards

Established in 2014, these awards recognize Richmond College students of character, scholarship, and leadership from each class. Recipients are selected who embody the College's mantra to Take Care of Yourself, Others, and This Place; students who are positive role models, and who work to foster a culture of respect on our campus. These awards celebrate Richmond College students who are living lives of purpose at the University.

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  • The Mateer Prize

    Given to five students of the First Year Class. Dean Emeritus Richard Mateer served as Dean of Richmond College for 26 years (1976-2002), and many of the First Year traditions such as Investiture, the Class Flag, and living/learning programs were established during his tenure.


    • 2023: Mohamad Adam, James Conley, Sassan Fahim, Blaise Marsho, and John Paschold
    • 2022: Ryan Doherty, Alfie Price, Brenden Schildkraut, Benjamin Stalder, and Tony Wang
    • 2021: Aamy Bakry, Matthew Karen, Sebastian Miano, Brian Pescatore, and Gavi Steinman
    • 2020: Harry Dang, Shashwat Muraka, Arju Patel, Reide Petty, and Christopher Wilson
    • 2019: Michaell Cutler, Stephen Edler, Anthony Lawrence, Nikhil Mehta, and Benjamin Weiser
    • 2018: Jesse Amankwaah, Alec Greven, Edward Jang, Zoltan Jenei, and Kevin Villagomez
    • 2017: Jeff Lowe, Liam McGrinder, Michael Paul, Michael Roberts, and Jack Scheutzow
    • 2016: Aaron D’Oleo, Luke Gomola Mullin, Jacob Jacisin, Brandon Kunik, and Nik Zapata
    • 2015: Christohpher Clark, David Painter, Luis Parrales, Connor Scanlon, and Daniel Yoo
    • 2014: Zach Giberson, Danny Heifetz, Joseph Kilgallen, Evan McKay, and Doyshin Stavrev
  • The Metcalf Prize

    Given to five students of the Sophomore Class. Dean John Metcalf was the first Dean of Richmond College (1914-1917). During his tenure student self-governance was born on the Richmond campus with the establishment of the Richmond College Student Council, which later became the Richmond College Student Government Association. 


    • 2023: Doro, Yamir Chapman, Ryan Doherty, Angel-Xavier Elizondo, and Gregory Hilldrup
    • 2022: Aamy Bakry, Andrew Brady, Derek Gilmore, Matthew Karen, and Karthik Lalwani
    • 2021: Harry Dang, Alan DiGeronimo, Ahmed Elnaggar, Arju Patel, and Liam Simpson
    • 2020: Anthony Lawrence, Nikhil Mehta, Patrick O’Keefe, Miquell Shaw and Benjamin Weiser
    • 2019: Jesse Amankwaah, Peter Braun, AJ Polcari, TJ Tann, and Siwanta Thapa
    • 2018: Reid Bryan, Bryan Carapucci, Nathan Dinh, Anthony Isenhour, and Gabe Thomas
    • 2017: Jimmy Bernstein, jack DeAngelis, Jacob Roberson, Benedict Roemer, and Jared Wakeman
    • 2016: Jonathan Hayes, Daniel Markowitz, David Painter, William Stith, and Daniel Yoo
    • 2015: Iakovos Anastasaki, Faizon Chaudhry, Donald Edmonds, Stathi Kyriakides, and Michael Ray
    • 2014: Alex Duncan, Jose Edgington, Amaury Perez, Jason Steiner, and Danniel Waddell
  • The Pinchbeck Prize

    Given to five students of the Junior Class. Dean Raymond Pinchbeck served as the Dean of Richmond College for 26 years (1931-1957). Dean Pinchbeck established the first career services office, student orientation, and oversaw the creation of the honor system.


    • 2023: Will Emerson, Jackson Hardy, Matthew Karen, Brian Pescatore, and Trevin Stevens
    • 2022: Brendan Crockett, harry Dang, Colin Elgarten, Kavon Thompson, and Tristan Wheeler
    • 2021: Sandeep Kumar, Anthony Lawrence, Kevin Spear, Julian Starks, and Max Wallach
    • 2020: Carter Ayers, John Barton, Alec Greven, Will Walker, and Ben White
    • 2019: Dan Mahoney, Joe Moise, Justin Mure, Luca O’Brien, and Mir Sultan
    • 2018: Jimmy Bernstein, Jack DeAngelis, Michael Johnson, Jacob Roberson, and Tyler York
    • 2017: Alex DeAreu, Dave Fishman, Connor Flanagan, David Painter, and Daniel Yoo
    • 2016: Walid Alatas, Ken Anderson, TJ Benedict, Danny Heifetz, and Evan McKay
    • 2015: Timm Gruber, Will Hogge, Matt Logan, Angelo Suggs, and Jay Tekwani
    • 2014: John Clemniecki, Wesley Meredith, Alden Sullivan, Mattias Treu, and Nathan Wong
  • The Richmond College Medal

    Given to five students of the Senior Class who have, over the course of years at the University, embody the College’s mantra while demonstrating academic excellence and campus leadership. Recipients are given a 2-by-2 inch medallion that is to be worn over their commencement regalia.


    • 2023: Harry Dang, Chase Cummins, Andrew LaPrade, Reide Petty, and Tristan Wheeler
    • 2022: Jason Cai, Braxton Hughes, Anthony Lawrence, William Rice, Quell Shaw
    • 2021: Jesse Amankwaah, Suraj Bala, Nikhil Mehta, AJ Polcari, Colin Sparkevicius
    • 2020: Justin Airas, Nathan Dinh, Michael Elliott, Dan Mahoney, and Aquila Maliyekkal
    • 2019: Jimmy Bernstein, Chris Cotter, Jacob Roberson, Noah Walker, and Tim Wing
    • 2018: Abbas Abid, Kobie Crosley, Fave Fishman, Matthew Isenburg, and Marius Young
    • 2017: Walid Alatas, TJ Benedict, Charlie Broaddus, Donald Edmonds, and Damian Hondaras
    • 2016: Aaron Brown, Tim Gruber, harry Lambert, Amaury Perez, and David Ricculli
    • 2015: Mylon Blueford, Clark Hillenbrand, Alex holva, Diego Leal, and Nick Olindo
    • 2014: Will Buckley, Rooney Colombus, Patrick Love, Perry Lowder, and James JR Riddick
  • Colonel Thomas Branch McAdams Prize

    Established by Colonel McAdams, the prize is to be awarded to a member of Richmond College’s junior class making the most outstanding contribution to the development of college life and the stimulation of a cooperative spirit between the student body and the administration. The recipient is determined by the dean’s office staff. The recipient’s name is listed in the commencement program of their graduating class.


    • 2023: Karthik Lalwani
    • 2022: Arju Patel
    • 2021: Anthony Javon Lawrence
    • 2020: Anthony J Polcari
    • 2019: Aquilla Maliyekkal
    • 2018: Gardner Baldwin Nash
    • 2017: David Micah Fishman
    • 2016: Kenneth Scott Anderson
    • 2015: Timothy Baxter Gruber
    • 2014: Alexander Michael Holva
    • 2013: Lucas John Virnig
    • 2012: Kadeem Alphanso Fyffe
    • 2011: Dwayne Ervin Foster, Jr.
    • 2010: Charles Mike III
    • 2009: Brendan Schlauch
    • 2008: Matthew Whitaker
    • 2007: Stephen Horvath
    • 2006: Ethan McWilliams
    • 2005: Andrew Kemper Ryan, IV
    • 2004: Brandon L Boxler
    • 2003: Sebastian M. Lombardi
    • 2002: Johnathan C. Zur
    • 2001: Randolph K. Adler
    • 2000: Dominick Quatuccio, Jr.
    • 1999: Scott A. Barghann
    • 1998: Bogdan Mihai Fleschiu
    • 1997: Joseph William Manzoli, Jr.
    • 1996: Jeffrey Arthur Berzolla
    • 1995: James Francis Maloney
    • 1994: Matthew James DeSarno
    • 1993: Kevin LaMarr Jones
    • 1992: Michael Charles Lynch, Jr.
    • 1991: Rodger Steele Williamson         
    • 1990: Steven Lee Smith
    • 1989: Damon Warren DeArment
    • 1988: Peyton Carter Anderson
    • 1987: W. Scott Johnson
    • 1986: John Anthony Galateria
    • 1985: Leland Devon Melvin
    • 1984: James Kevin Nagle
    • 1983: Rollin S. Burhans, III
    • 1982: William Davidson, III
    • 1981: Kent Kirbey Reynolds
    • 1980: Brian Steel Wills    
    • 1979: Mike Joseph Link
    • 1978: Steven Walker Noles
    • 1977: James Rothgeb Sipe, Jr.
    • 1976: Timothy Nolan Tuggey
    • 1975: James David Gibbs
    • 1974: Jarman Wade Thigpen
    • 1973: Aubrey Jones Rosser, Jr.
    • 1972: J. Gaston Williams
    • 1971: Steven Lowell Nock
    • 1970: Kermit Marshall Cook
    • 1969: Lance Dews Wood
    • 1968: Fred Dempsey Smith, Jr.   
    • 1967: William Joseph Viglione
    • 1966: Robert Nelson Baldwin
    • 1965: Brainard Guy Peters
    • 1964: Raymond Clarence Robertson
    • 1963: Archer Lafayette Yeatts, III
    • 1962: John William Vaughan, Jr.
    • 1961: J. Bradley Hunt Gunter
    • 1960: John Leonard Spain, Jr.
    • 1959: Tommy Percy Baer
    • 1958: Joseph Daniel Biscaha
    • 1957: Robert Gentry Kendall   
    • 1956: Edward McDowell Bishop
    • 1955: Luther Wilbur Kersey
    • 1954: Park Price Dickerson
    • 1953: Lawrence Edward Matthews
    • 1952: William Douglas Clark
    • 1951: Benjamin Franklin Skinner
    • 1950: Charles Lloyd Halloran
    • 1949: Philip Frederick, Jr.
    • 1948: David Basil Morrissett 
    • 1947: Thaddeus Talley Crump
    • 1946: Award Not Listed
    • 1945: Thaddeus Talley Crump
    • 1944: Award Not Listed
    • 1943: Award Not Listed
    • 1942: John Laws Decker
    • 1941: Thomas Emmett Warriner, Jr.
    • 1940: George Edmond Massie, III
    • 1939: Seabury Denison Stoneburner
    • 1938: Edwin Wortham, IV
    • 1937: Ralph Patterson Moore
    • 1936: George Lea Harper
    • 1935: Sidney Thomas Matthews, Jr.
    • 1934: Richard Conduff Poage
    • 1933: Victor Hugo Chaltain
    • 1932: Edward L. Perlowski and William H. Pettus, Jr.
    • 1931: Watkins Fugate
    • 1930: James B. Daily
  • Nick Carter Award

    Established in honor of Nick Carter, a 1921 graduate of Richmond College, this award is given to a Richmond College student (typically a senior) who makes an outstanding contribution to the male student government program. The recipient receives a plaque and their name is listed in the commencement program.

  • Richard A Mateer Award for Outstanding Contributions

    Established in 2002 in honor of the ninth Dean of the College, Dean Emeritus Richard Mateer, this award is given to a senior who has provided outstanding leadership and/or given outstanding service in any field of student activities. The recipient receives a plaque and their name is listed in the commencement program.

  • The Dean’s Prize

    Established in 2022, the Dean’s Prize is awarded annually to the Senior(s) with the outstanding four-year academic record for Richmond College. The recipients are recognized at the Student Excellence Recognition Dinner on the evening before Commencement. Recipients receive a plaque and their name is listed in the commencement program.


    • 2022: Matthew Barnes, Pedro Del Monaco Santos, Daniel Larson, and Matthew Robinson