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The dean’s office and the RCSGA recognize several outstanding Richmond College students, faculty, and staff during the spring semester. These awards are announced at either the Founders Day Celebration, the RCSGA Pass the Gavel Dinner, or the Commencement Awards Luncheon.

Announced at the annual Founders Day Celebration:

The Deans’ Awards (Mateer Prize, Metcalf Prize, Pinchbeck Prize)
Established in 2014, The Deans’ Awards were established to honor three “landmark” deans in the College’s history, and recognize five students of character, scholarship, and leadership in the First Year, Sophomore, and Junior classes. The recipients are nominated by members of the University community.

The Richmond College Medal
Established in 2014, this award recognizes five seniors of character, scholarship, and leadership. Recipients are nominated by members of the University community, and generally represent a wide diversity of the student body. Recipients are given a 2” medal to wear above their regalia at Commencement.

Colonel Thomas Branch McAdams Prize
Established by Colonel McAdams, the prize is to be awarded to a member of Richmond College's junior class making the most outstanding contribution to the development of college life and the stimulation of a cooperative spirit between the student body and the administration. The recipient is determined by the dean’s office staff. The recipient’s name is listed in the commencement program of his graduating class.

Announced at the annual RCSGA Pass the Gavel Dinner:

Nick Carter Award
Established in honor of Nick Carter, a 1921 graduate of Richmond College, this award is given to a Richmond College student (typically a senior) who makes an outstanding contribution to the male student government program. The recipient receives a plaque at the Commencement Awards Luncheon and his name is listed in the commencement program.

Announced at the annual Commencement Awards Luncheon:

Richard A Mateer Award for Outstanding Contributions
Established in 2002 in honor of the ninth Dean of the College, Dean Emeritus Richard Mateer, this award is given to a senior who has provided outstanding leadership and/or given outstanding service in any field of student activities. The recipient receives a plaque and his name is listed in the commencement program.

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