Several celebrations play a significant role in the Richmond College experience. These celebrations bring the community together and recognize certain traditions that connect classes through the years. Celebrations evolve or are replaced from time to time to reflect the current Richmond College culture.


This event marks the formal introduction of first-year students into the College. Students are introduced to the history of Richmond College, and hear reflections from upper class students. Elements of Investiture include:

  • Signing the Honor Pledge. This is the promise of each student to uphold honor and integrity.
  • Receiving the Class Coin. Starting with the class of 2015, each member of the entering first-year class is presented with a class coin with a unique design for the class.
  • Presentation of the Class Flag. Each first-year class is presented with a flag, which is voted on by the members of the class. The flags of the current classes are displayed in the Whitehurst Living Room. The flag is displayed at the class’ Senior Send-Off, and remains in the Dean’s Office from that point forward. Previous class flags are a symbolic element of Investiture.

Richmond College Day

A special celebration takes place, usually on the first Wednesday in March, to celebrate the establishment of Richmond College on March 4th, 1840. This celebration, which was started by President Boatwright in 1940, was revitalized in 2014.


This event marks the formal conclusion and celebration of our seniors as part of the College. Seniors will reflect on their four years at the University as they prepare for Commencement. Culmination is comprised of three elements:

  • Call to Reflect: This introduction will provide seniors with the opportunity to reflect on their individual journey, their impact on others, and their legacy to the University and College community.
  • Presentation of the Insignia: Each senior will receive an Insignia pin that symbolizes their Richmond journey and association with the College. Seniors may wear the Insignia on their regalia at Commencement.
  • Retirement of the Class Flag: As is tradition, each class is presented with a Class Flag during Investiture, which proudly remains on display in the Whitehurst Living Room until that class graduates. As part of Culmination, the graduating class will retire their Class Flag, signifying the completion of their journey at the University. The Class Flag will be used in future events to signify the lasting presence of the class.