Richmond College Student Government Association

Student self-governance at the University of Richmond can be traced to 1915 with the establishment of the Richmond College Student Council, which later became known as the Richmond College Student Government Association. The RCSGA is the overarching body of student governance for Richmond College. The Association includes the Richmond College Senate, the Honor Council, and the Student Conduct Council.

The Richmond College Senate

The members of the Richmond College Senate are charged with representing their fellow students’ concerns and opinions and serving as liaisons between students and the administration, faculty, and staff. The RCSGA President, who is elected by the entire Richmond College student body, leads the Senate. Each class elects seven senators and a class chair to represent them.

The members of the Senate are assigned to one of five standing committees, each led by a Vice President: Administration, Finance, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and External Affairs. Ad hoc committees and task forces are created as needed to address specific concerns brought forward by the student body through their elected senators.