Richmond Home

RC in RVA: Connecting Men with the City.

Richmond College strives to educate our students to be actively engaged in the communities that they call home. We hope that our students will have a positive impact in their communities, and can see the connections between civic engagement and a life well lived.

RC in RVA is a partnership project between Richmond College, the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement, and UR Downtown to promote citizenship by showing the connections between economic development and social responsibility. Richmond has an amazing array of natural, cultural, and historical resources, and RC in RVA exposes students to the ideas and the people behind the ideas that are creating a vibrant home for the University.

Excursions typically explore hidden pieces or new developments in RVA, followed by discussions with community leaders involved in the projects. Past excursions have included the Stone Brewing Company site (discussion of the economic impact of the craft brewing industry in RVA), the Diamond (discussion of the future of baseball in RVA), the Washington Redskins Training Facility (discussion of the larger community impact of the deal to develop the facility), and the James River Park System (discussion of the riverfront development plan).