Deans of the College

What Does a Dean Do?

The Dean of Richmond College, Joe Boehman, is responsible for the support, mentorship, advising, and care of our students, for helping create thriving and inclusive communities, and for the direction and vision of the College overall. Dean Boehman serves as the chief academic officer of the College, handling routine and exceptional academic requests, petitions, and other matters.

Associate Dean, Dan Fabian, and Assistant Dean, Ray Trac, work closely with Dean Boehman to advise and mentor individual students, offer College-specific celebrations and programs, and support a variety of leadership and community opportunities. We encourage students to come talk with us about whatever is on your minds — the deans are available to discuss thorny problems, listen to sudden bursts of inspiration, provide guidance during challenging times, and share in life's joys, both great and small.

We are here to support our students as they become the best versions of themselves.

If you are not a member of Richmond College but would like to be, please email Dean Boehman.


In 1914, President Boatwright appointed Dr. John Metcalf, a professor of English who joined the faculty in 1901, the first Dean of Richmond College. The deans served as deans of the faculty as well as dean of the students until 1947, when the first Dean of Students position was created. When the academic programs of the Colleges began to merge in the 1970’s, the Dean of Students position was dissolved. When the School of Arts & Sciences was created in 1991, the Dean of Richmond College was given a joint appointment as an Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences so as to administer academic regulations for the undergraduate men.

To date, there have been 11 Deans of Richmond College:

  • Dr. John Metcalf (1914 – 1917)
  • Dr. Robert Loving (1917 – 1919)
  • Dr. Robert Gaines (1919 – 1922)
  • Dr. William Prince (1922 – 1931)
  • Dr. Raymond Pinchbeck (1931 – 1957)*
    • Dr. Benjamin Holtzclaw appointed Acting Dean while Dean Pinchbeck served in the US Navy (1942 – 1945)
  • Dr. Robert Smart (1957 – 1968)
  • Dr. Austin Grigg (1968 – 1974)
  • Dr. Russell Warren (1974-1976)
  • Dr. Richard Mateer (1976 – 2002)
  • Dr. Stephen Bisese (2002 – 2006)
  • Daniel Fabian appointed Interim Dean (2006 – 2007)
  • Dr. Joseph Boehman (2007 – present)

Three men served in the role of Dean of Students in the College’s history:

  • Dr. Clarence Gray (1947 – 1968)
  • Dr. William Baker (1968 – 1973)
  • Dr. Richard Mateer (1973 – 1976)