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Richmond College was established in 1840 as a "seminary of learning" for young men. More than 175 years later, we are still preparing students to contribute to and succeed in a complex world.Learn More About the College
We believe that our students can discover their purpose through academic and co-curricular exploration. We encourage them to push outside of their comfort zones, immerse themselves in all that the University has to offer, and strive toward a personal definition of success.Discover our Programs
We believe in respect for self, others, and our community. We encourage our students to care for one another and to practice self-care. We challenge our students to be aware of and take responsibility for the impact of their choices and actions on others, and to engage in difficult conversations with respect and civility.

Being a Guy

Richmond College is charged with leading the campus discussion of men and masculinities. We support our students as they become the best versions of themselves, and our mission is to encouragestudents to explore how gender — and specifically our conceptualizations of masculinity — affects each of us as part of our multi-layered identities.So, what does it mean to be a guy? That question is a bit complicated. Let's take a look at how our sense of masculinity is developed as a first step in the process.

What is Masculinity?

What Does a Dean Do?

The Dean of Richmond College, Joe Boehman, is responsible for the support, mentorship, advising, and care of our students, for helping create thriving and inclusive communities, and for the direction and vision of the College overall. Dean Boehman serves as the chief academic officer of the College, handling routine and exceptional academic requests, petitions, and other matters.

Associate Dean Dan Fabian works closely with Dean Boehman to advise and mentor individual students, offer College-specific celebrations and programs, and support a variety of leadership and community opportunities. We encourage students to come talk with us about whatever is on your minds — the deans are available to discuss thorny problems, listen to sudden bursts of inspiration, provide guidance during challenging times, and share in life's joys, both great and small.

We are here to support our students as they become the best versions of themselves.

If you are not a member of Richmond College but would like to be, please contact Dean Boehman (


Need Help?

The Richmond College Dean's Office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for University Holidays. During office hours, please call 804-289-8061.

For time-sensitive or urgent help after hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, please call URPD at 804-289-8715. For an emergency anytime, please call the URPD Emergency Number: 804-289-8911.

You can also report a concern about a student using this form. Please note if your concern is an emergency, time-sensitive, or urgent, it is best to call.

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