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Where Our University First Began

On March 4, 1840, the Virginia Legislature granted a charter for "a Seminary of learning for the instruction of youth in the various branches of science and literature, the useful arts and the learned and foreign languages, which shall be called and known by the name of Richmond College." More than 175 years later, we are still challenging our students to pursue lives of purpose as part of the University of Richmond.Learn More About the College

A Positive Image of Masculinity

Richmond College strives to create a community of diverse and authentic men. As a men's college within a coeducational university, our charge is to help our students understand what it means to be a man in today's world, and to assist them in becoming the man they aspire to be. The core of the Richmond College experience is a shared set of values known as the Positive Image of Masculinity, which is a framework for our students to discover their own authentic brand of masculinity.More about Masculinity

Unique Programs

Richmond College programs challenge students to think differently about themselves, their communities, and the role that masculinity can play in our society. Whether it is hiking the Appalachian Trail, exploring Richmond's civic identity, or taking a stand against relationship and sexual violence, Richmond College programs engage our students beyond the classroom.Discover our Programs

What Does a Dean Do? 

The Dean of Richmond College, Joe Boehman, is responsible for the support, mentorship, advising, and care of our students, for helping create thriving and inclusive communities, and for the direction and vision of the College overall. Dean Boehman serves as the chief academic officer of the College, handling routine and exceptional academic requests, petitions, and other matters. 

Associate Dean Dan Fabian works closely with Dean Boehman to advise and mentor individual students, offer College-specific celebrations and programs, and support a variety of leadership and community opportunities. We encourage students to come talk with us about whatever is on your minds – the deans are available to discuss thorny problems, listen to sudden bursts of inspiration, provide guidance during challenging times, and share in life’s joys, both great and small.

We are here to support our students as they become the best versions of themselves.

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