Three RC students standing together holding their framed awards in hand.

Richmond College Celebrates its 183rd Birthday with its Annual Awards Ceremony

March 1, 2023

Founded on March 4th, 1840, Richmond College celebrated its 183rd birthday this year by hosting its annual awards ceremony.

The awards ceremony was established to highlight the legacy of the College while also celebrating the fantastic achievements of our students. 

Students nominated by their peers, faculty, or staff were asked to apply and list their involvements on campus, define how they live a life of purpose, and share how they embody the College’s mantra – “take care of yourself, others, and this place.”

While we are proud of all of our finalists, we share the heartiest congratulations for this year's awards recipients:

The Mateer Prize

Mohamed Adam ’26, James Conley ’26, Sassan Fahim ’26, Blaise Marsho ’26, & John Paschold ‘26

The Metcalf Prize

Doro ’25, Yamir Chapman ’25, Ryan Doherty ’25, Angel-Xavier Elizondo ’25, & Gregory Hilldrup ‘25

The Pinchbeck Prize

Will Emerson ’24, Jackson Hardy ’24, Matthew Karen ’24, Brian Pescatore ’24, & Trevin Stevens ’24

The Thomas Branch McAdams Prize

Karthik Lalwani ’24

The Nick Carter Award

Joseph Coyle ’23

The Richard A. Mateer Award for Outstanding Contributions

Christopher Wilson ’23

The Richmond College Medal

Harry Dang ’23, Chase Cummins ’23, Andrew LaPrade ’23, Reide Petty ’23, & Tristan Wheeler ’23

A description of each award can be found here: